IELTS Speaking questions which an ielts taker was asked in India on January in 2019

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IELTS Interview Questions


– What is your name?

– What should I call you?

– Where do you live?

– Do you like your hometown?

– Would you recommend it to others?

– Let’s talk about water. Do you drink tap or bottled water?

– Is bottled water affordable where you live?

– Were you ever in a situation when you couldn’t find drinking water?


IELTS Cue Card Topic


Talk about an occasion when someone gave you something you really wanted. Please say:


– What it was

– When you got it

– Who gave it to you

– How you felt when you received it.

– What did you do with this item?


IELTS Discussion Questions


– Do you think people own more things than they really need these days?

– Are some things more important than others to show a person’s status in the society?

– What kind of things?

– Why do you think people want to show their social status?

– Has this also been people’s desire in the past, or is this a recent change?


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