ielts test and all about the ielts exam

Let's start giving an Overview of the IELTS exam first

The Total Time to complete the IELTS test is 2 hours 45 minutes

Listening, Reading and Writing are the first three modules which must be completed in one day. The Speaking Module will be administered in accordnce with the ielts center schedule over the previous or upcoming week. The IELTS test is developed to test the full range of ability from non-user to expert user.

When you are from a non-English speaking country and willing to study or work in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia or Canada you need to take an International standardized test like the IELTS. If you secure the required band score in it, you will be given the permission to study or work in your goal country.

ویدیو نمونه کلاس آیلتس دکتر آرین کریمی و آشنایی با سوالات و فرمت تست آیلتس

IELTS is owned by three accredited, international organizations: University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), British Council and IDP Education Australia: IELTS Australia. It adopts the highest quality control and security procedures. More than 6000 organizations, including many government departments and universities, trust the IELTS test. Its scoring system is recognized worldwide, giving you a truly international result.

IELTS measures the candidate’s capability to communicate in English in all four language skills –Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Academic IELTS is normally administered for the candidates who are planning to study in an English speaking university including four modules: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Each Module is given a band score of 0-9. Different universities require different band scores to give admissions. It is highly recommended to secure at least 7.5 bands to make sure you get admission in a high rank university.

Reading Module of the IELTS

Reading Module includes three passages followed by 40 items and you have to do the test within 1 hour. A wide variety of questions are lay ahead of you with the following titles: which paragraph contains the following information, complete the summary below, no more than two words gap filling questions, headlines and … . You need to know short-cuts, techniques and strategies to answer the questions in the short time.
Writing Module of the IELTS.

In this part you are given two tasks: Task 1 in about surveying charts, graphs or tables or a combination of them to write a report on them including at least 150 words within 20 minutes. In the second task you are asked to write an essay including at least 250 words within 40 minutes in 4 to 5 paragraphs. As a result, you are supposed to complete this part in 1 hour.

In General training IELTS, different types of charts, graphs or tables are not given to you and you should write a letter with the following purposes: making complaint or request, providing information, inviting to a friend, making an apology, making an arrangement and so forth.

Listening Module of the IELTS

It takes you about 30 minutes. You need to answer 40 questions as you listen in four sections. We will give you some practices and techniques to cope with this part properly and to sharpen you skill in this part of the test, but keep in mind that just practice makes perfect and you need to be familiar with different accents to understand them completely and have a better communication with native speakers.

Speaking Module of the IELTS

It will be held in about 15 minutes. First, you need to introduce yourself; then, a cue card is given to you to talk about the written topic for about 3 to 4 minutes and followed by a discussion part which some questions are given normally related to the previous part to find out whether you memorized the answers or not.

IELTS Speaking Required Techniques and Strategies

A good command of English and General speaking skills are not adequate get a good band score in IELTS speaking test. Therefore, we will provide you with the best Test Taking Techniques and Strategies for this module. They will surprisingly help you to score maximum bands in your IELTS exam. So, join us today to pass your exam confidently.