The Impact of Covid -19 on the IELTS Exam

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The Impact of Covid -19 on the IELTS Exam


Today, all aspects of our lives are affeted by Covid-19 and our education plan and IELTS are not exceptions. That is why we have to replan for IELTS preparation process differently and concisely to ace the IELTS and pursue our educational or immigration goal. In this era, IELTS teachers have to shoulder a heavy responsibility for designing a more accurate and purposeful course for their IELTS candidates to help them gain the needed IELTS scores and change their lives. In this regard Dk IELTS center prepared a very specialized IELTS preparation program for its IELTS students to them with the latest and most effective IELTS strategies and tips and shed the light on their way to IELTS success.


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