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IELTS Preparation Course Outline :The IELTS course is for students from Intermediate to Advanced levels. It focuses on academic skills, with the goal of preparing students to successfully sit the IELTS test. During this ielts course, you will be engaged with different, exciting topics and practice speaking, listening, grammar, reading and writing. The ielts Course has scheduled classes for at least 20 hours per week. You are expected to take additional hours out of class contact hours to complete homework and practice your English skills.In terms of assessment, every week, you will study a new unit, which will be on a different topic. During each week, you will have 2 assessments. One short assessment in the middle of the week, and one long assessment at the end of the week. You will be given a result for your assessments, with feedback regarding areas you should aim to improve. This ielts preparation program effectively prepares students for the IELTS examination. The IELTS course includes the teaching of test practice strategies skills for all areas of the IELTS exam. It is comprehensive and academically rigorous. The IELTS course puts equal weight on reading writing, listening, speaking and test taking strategies. The course also covers sub skills such as academic vocabulary, academic style and study skills each day. As the IELTS Course Prerequisites, All prospective students must take our IELTS MOCK TEST online. If the students score at least 5 they are eligible for The IELTS course.

ویدیو نمونه کلاس آیلتس دکتر آرین کریمی و آشنایی با سوالات و فرمت تست آیلتس

This course aims:

• to enhance students’ knowledge and awareness of IELTS by taking our ielts course
• to familiarize students with the structure of IELTS
• to equip students with different test-taking techniques and strategies
• to give students the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on the individual components of the ielts test
• to allow students to have a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses in the four language skills
• to help students devise their individual action plans and carry out self-studies to achieve their target IELTS band scorces

IELTS course outcomes: At this level, you will improve your ability to:

IELTS Course for Reading Module:

• Identify topic sentences
• Interpret main ideas of paragraphs
• Understand main ideas and overall meaning to match headings with paragraphs
• Differentiate paragraph headings according to content
• Comprehend text details to perform sentence completion tasks
• Extract key points from academic texts
• Identify antonyms and synonyms in written text as a result of this ielts course completion
• Differentiate between similar answers in multiple choice questions
• Recognise phrases with similar meanings
• Employ skimming techniques that you learn in this ielts course to find important information quickly
• Employ strategies to deal with unknown vocabulary
• Interpret written texts to identify and match detailed information
• Understand main ideas and overall meaning of texts to complete diagrams
• Understand main ideas of paragraphs and match to paragraph summaries

IELTS Course for Writing Module:

• Structure a paragraph recognising standard organization conventions
• Combine and organize paragraphs to respond to a Task 2 opinion essay task type
• Recognize individual sentence purpose in a paragraph
• Identify signposting language which you are taught in this ielts course
• Connect ideas using linking words
• Structure an introduction for task 2 cause and effect essay
• Employ cause and effect words to connect ideas
• Formulate a clear thesis statement
• Employ complex connectors to link cause and effect clauses
• Identify main features of a diagram
• Complete a Task 1 description a map
• Compare and contrast diagrams appropriately in a Task 1 type essay
• Write a paragraph plan under time restraints
• Self-assess own writing for grammatical mistakes

IELTS Listening Module:

• Listen to identify similarity and difference
• Listen for details to match ideas
• Identify key information to complete notes
• Distinguish between different speakers
• Effectively employ techniques which you are given in the ielts course to identify topics in part 3 task type questions 
• Identify correct word forms in listening section 4 summaries
• Predict types of words needed to fill gaps in short answer questions
• Identify key words in aural text to signpost answers
• Identify relevant details in a listening to discern correct answer among multiple choices
• Listen to identify specific information needed to complete a flow chart
• Identify relevant details in a listening to follow a process
• Discern key points in a lecture to chronologically arrange stages in a process
• Listen and identify specific information needed to complete gaps in sentences
• Identify signal words in lectures to predict when key information is coming by joining this ielts course for listening part

IELTS Speaking Module:

• Talk about feelings and emotions
• Explain and justify answers
• Explain answers & respond to Part 2 task questions
• Generate succinct notes to aid in speaking tests
• Organise ideas appropriately to respond to Part 2 task type questions
• Discuss different views to present arguments
• Structure an argument according to common conventions
• Discuss hobbies and interests in depth in your ielts course
• Compare and contrast children’s toys and games
• Recognise different accents and adequately replicate accents
• Use a range of spoken grammatical structures in Part 2 of the speaking paper
• Use common expressions to start an answer and introduce new ideas
• Describe a person in a speaking part 2 task
• Answer follow-up questions from the examiner using a variety of language structures as you learn in your ielts course sessions
• Expand on answers by giving reasons and/or examples

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