IELTS Speaking test administered in India on January 2018

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Speaking test




– What is your full name?

– Which city are you from?

– Show me your ID, please.

– How far is this place (the exam venue) from your current place of residence?

– What do you think about your part of town?

– Have you been living there for a long time?

– Do you like to travel?

– Do you fly often?

– Are these flights long?


Cue Card


Talk about an unusual food that you had. Please say


– What food is this?

– Where did you have it?

– When did you have it?

– Who was there with you?




– Do you think the nature of your job has changed?

– Do you think it will continue to change in the future?

– What do you think about the fast food trend?

– Do you think science and technology affected food and agriculture in a positive or a negative way?

– What do you think is the impact of the ability to transport the food over long distances?

– Do you think technology has also affected the food that we have traditionally been cooking at home?