Academic Module of the IELTS Sample Test Material in Vietnam on August 2018

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IELTS Test in Vietnam – August 2018 (Academic Module)



IELTS Listening Test


Section 1. About the Aboriginal people of Australia.


Section 2. A map description.


Section 3. Don’t remember.


Section 4. A conversation between two students about their projects.



IELTS Reading Test


Passage 1. About coffee houses in London.


Passage 2. About different artists.


Passage 3. Don’t remember.




IELTS Writing Test


Writing a report in Task 1


We were given a graph showing a comparison between four regions of education.


Writing an essay in task 2


Some think that private companies should pay for pollution clean up, while others say it should be a government’s responsibility. Discuss, and state your own opinion.



IELTS Speaking Test


IELTS Interview


– What is your full name?


– Can I see your ID?


– Where are you from?


– Do you work or study?


– What do you do?


– Why did you chose this role?


– Do you like growing plants?


– How would you react, if you got a plant as a gift?


IELTS Cue Card


Describe a shopping street that you like. Please say


– What and where is it?


– When did you visit it?


– Who did you go there with?



IELTS Discussion


– Why do you think people visit this street?


– How was your experience there?


– Many people spend their time at shopping malls. Why do you think they do it?


– Do older people like going to local shops? Why?


– Why would people go shopping alone?