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 Dr. Arian Karimi well organized IELTS Course


Dr.Karimi designed IELTS Workshop assists international students with the IELTS skills,namely reading, writing and speaking which will be held online.


The Dr.Karimi designed IELTS Course details:


Grammar and Composition in IELTS

IELTS Students learn the grammatical patterns and sentence construction used in academic writing and focus on improving sentence-level grammatical accuracy in the writing of coherent, well-developed paragraphs. On the top of that, Students learn how to write clear and well-developed multi-paragraph academic essays using various methods of organization through the process of planning, drafting, revising, editing and peer reviewing. Students also learn to work with sources. Grammatical structures relevant to the methods of organization are reviewed and practiced.

Reading and Vocabulary in IELTS

Students develop vocabulary and reading strategies required to comprehend academic textbooks and literature in various fields of study.


Oral Communication/ Speaking in IELTS

This course emphasizes the development of fluency and intelligibility in spoken English. Through individual activities, students work on improving pronunciation, practicing conversation strategies and delivering oral presentations.

منتشرشده در دوره آنلاین آیلتس

IELTS teacher in Netherlands - IELTS teacher Holland


Online IELTS Class with Dr. Arian Karimi in Netherlands, Amsterdam


The Best IELTS teacher Netherlands


Dr. Arian Karimi is a PHD holder in TESOL and an English teacher with more than 17 years of experience in EAP teaching ( English for Academic Purposes ) and IELTS and TOEFL teaching and more than 3000 sucsessful stuents over the years who has a very innovative IELTS and TOEFL teaching methodology that helps students greatly in their English pathway course to university and writing papers in their field of study as well.


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منتشرشده در دوره آنلاین آیلتس

Take your IELTS Course with a world-class IELTS and EAP Teacher from Iran


 Dr. Arian Karimi is an IELTS Researcher and Test Developer


Specialising in Language Assessment Research and Validation












Dr. Arian KarimiOnline  IELTS Course is now Available from whom are taking IELTS


in turkey, Istanbul , Ankara and the other cities


 you can simply learn IELTS tips and strategies and techniques online participating in our online IELTS courses in a short time or book an IELTS course to be held in turkey with our IELTS specialists. we will plan a very well-designed lesson plan for your IELTS exam to score well on IELTS.


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Best English Course ever : PRE-IELTS and IELTS Course


with Dr. Arian Karimi the best English teacher in Iran

Many English learners are trying to find a good English speaking course or ielts course to improve their general and academic English, but they don’t know where to start. It seems that there are too many English speaking courses out there and they don’t know which is the good ones. The fact is that it’s not easy to find a good English or IELTS course that really works. If you are one of them, try out one of the best IELTS preparation courses available now. We’ve introduced these courses to many of our students and they improved their English speaking and well as their ielts scores very fast.


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Dr. Arian Karimi IELTS courses are the best English courses now. they are the unique courses that teach students how to learn English so fast acurately. They are scientific, proven technique from top experts in the world that will help you improve your English skills 2 to 5 times faster compared to other traditional English classes.


Another great thing is you don’t need to struggle memorizing anything, just practice English Effortlessly with joy. this English lreaning method not only help you improve your English speaking faster, but also teach you how to be more successful in your ielts exam. These courses are best-seller in over 25 countries and have helped over 3000 English learners all over the world.


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IELTS Speaking Interview


– What is your full name?

– Can I see your ID?

– Where are you from?

– Do you work or study?

– What do you do?

– Where do you live now?

 – Is it far away this centre?

– Can you describe your hometown?

– Do you like to travel long distances?

– Would you like to fly to space?


IELTS Speaking Cue Card


Describe a public place that you have visited recently. Please say


– What is it?

– Where is it?

– When and with whom did you visit it?


IELTS Discussion Part


– Did you like that place? Why?

– Do you like visiting public places?

– Do people enjoy vising public places, in your opinion?

– Do you prefer living in a big city or a small town? Why?

– Do you think people feel lonely in the cities?

– Why is that?

– Should public parks be free in cities? Why?

– Do you think public parks are better than private ones?





Questions of the Academic Module of the IELTS test in India on July in 2018


IELTS Listening Test in India


Section 1. A woman wanted to get information about concerts.
Questions: filling in blanks.


Section 2. An owner of production company gave information about it and its personnel.
Questions: short-answer questions (no more than 2 words), multiple choice.


Section 3. Two students talked about their presentation.
Questions: short-answer questions (no more than 2 words), multiple choice.


Section 4. A research about cotton production and its use.
Questions: filling in blanks.


IELTS Reading Test in India


Passage 1. About various musical instruments of the past century.
Questions: filling in blanks, True/False/Not Given.


Passage 2. About plants protection by the use of chemicals.
Questions: short-answer questions (no more than 3 words), match headings to paragraphs.


Passage 3. About boys’ attitude in different sport groups.
Questions: filling in blanks.


IELTS WritingTest in India


IELTS Writing task 1 (a report)

We were given a picture showing the changes to a village in 1910 and 2010, and asked to summarise them.


IELTS Writing task 2 (an essay)

The best way to reduce crime among young people is to teach parents good parenting skills. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your own opinion and examples.

نمونه سوالات اسپیکینگ آیلتس ویتنام در سال 2018 - کلاس اسپیکینگ آیلتس دکتر آرین کریمی


IELTS Interview Preparation Class


Speaking with Confidence on IELTS


When my student took the IELTS Speaking test in Vietnam she was asked the following questions:


IELTS Interview Questions


– What is your full name?

– Can I see your ID?

– Where are you from?

– Do you work or study?

– What subject are you studying?

– Why do you study this subject?

– Do you like it?

– Do you think computers make our lives easier?

– How did our life change since computers appeared?

– Did you learn how to use the Internet at school?

– Do you think we use computers differently now compared to the past?

– Do you think we will use computers more in the future? Why?


IELTS Cue Card Topic


Describe a parent or a relative that you admire the most. Please say


– Who is he/she?

– How do you know him/her?

– What does he/she do differently to others?


IELTS Discussion Questions


– How did parenting change compared to the past?

– Please give some examples.

– How should kids be raised, in your opinion?

– Do you think parents are scared of raising their children?


IELTS Preparation Online course via Skype Whatsapp


with Dr. Arian Karimi IELTS Expert Certified by the UK from IRAN


General IELTS test in Canada on January in 2018


IELTS Listening test


Section 1. An employment application form.

Section 2. About arrangements for an event.

Section 3. A conversation between two people about an audio lecture.

Section 4. Don’t remember.


IELTS Reading test


Passage 1. About cleanliness of public transport including trains.

Passage 2. About several shops selling different items and each paragraph had a particular shop description.

Passage 3. Don’t remember.

Passage 4. About the Great Fire of London that happened in September 1666.


IELTS Writing test


Writing task 1 (a letter)


Write a letter to your colleague from another department asking him/her to give a presentation at a conference. In your letter say


– What is the conference about?

– Why do you want him/her to give the presentation?

– What arrangements will you have to make?


Writing Task 2 (an essay)


Some people want academic subjects such as history and physics to be taught at secondary school. Others want practical skills such asmechanical and gardening to be taught. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

IELTS Writing Couse by Dr.Arian Karimi a Certified IELTS Teacher by UK and Tehran IELTS Expert



دوره رایتینگ آیلتس با دکتر آرین کریمی متخصص آیلتس با مدرک تدریس آیلتس از انگلستان در تهران سعادت آباد - شهرک غرب



نمونه جواب Writing آیلتس تسک 2


IELTS Writing Task 2 Given Topic


As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom.


A Good Writing Model Answer


There is no doubt that education and the learning process has changed since the introduction of computers: The search for information has become easier and amusing, and connectivity has expedited the data availability. Though experts systems have made computers more intelligent, they have not yet become a substitute of the human interaction in the learning process. In my opinion what can be expected is a change of the teachers’ role, but not their disappearance from the classroom.


Nobody can argue that the acquisition of knowledge is more fun and easier with computers using online classes and materials. The mere activity of touching and exploring this device constitutes an enjoyable task for a child. This, accompanied by the relaxing attitude and software interactivity, usually contributes to a better grasping of new knowledge. At a higher educational level the availability of digital books, simulators and other academic materials provide the student with an ever accessible source of information, that otherwise would not be at hand.


But, besides the increasing complexity and behavior of intelligent software, which is usually embedded in the academic digital material, the need for human interaction in the learning process will always be present, at least in the foreseeable future. There is the necessity for a human being to be able to determine what the specifics needs of each individual are. The expertise of a teacher in how to explain and adapt complex concepts to different individuals can hardly be mimicked by a computer, no matter how sophisticated its software is.


As computers are becoming a common tool for teaching, teachers should be more aware of their role as guides in the acquisition of knowledge rather than transmitters of facts. They have to be open minded to the changes that are taking places, keep updated and serve as problem solvers in the learning process, thus allowing students to discover the fact for themselves.


To summarize, in my personal view, teachers play and will continue to play an important role in the classroom, especially at the primary level. No matter how complex computers become, there will be no replacement for the human interaction, but in the way haw this interaction takes place.


Comment by Dr.Arian Karimi


This is an excellent essay! Are you a native English speaker? Well done. The only problem is that this essay is too long, 365 words instead of 250-265 maximum.

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