IELTS Teaching Strategies by Dr. Arian Karimi Iranian IELTS Expert

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This is a paper about IELTS teaching, exploring how to help your students in their IELTS exam Writien by Dr.Karimi , an English teacher, IELTS teacher trainer and IELTS materials developer with nearly 20 years’ experience.


As with most things in life, the key factor of an intensive IELTS course is in the preparation. If you have a clear idea of what you and your students need to do from the outset then you are far more likely to help your students achieve their goals than if you have no a well-devised lesson plan . Likewise, as the expression goes, first impressions last, so if you can impress your students in the first sessions, then they are more likely to trust you for the rest of the course.


It is important to have as much information at your disposal as possible before the course actually starts. This will help you to prepare properly and show your students that you really do know what you are teaching. I have added a number of questions for each of the points listed below, but the answers will often depend on your own context. Where possible, I have included some links which might help you to start finding your own answers.

Get familiar with the IELTS exam well . It doesn't take you too much time !


If this is the first time your students have toaken the IELTS exam then they are likely to be very anxious about what they will be faced and what they will be asked to do.They probably ask you:


How many papers are there?

How does the scoring system work?

Which is the most difficult part of the exam?

What’s the difference between the General exam and the Academic one?


As well as knowing the ins and outs of the exam. They might ask you :


Where is the nearest exam centre?

When are the exams being held?

When is the registration deadline?

How long does it take to get the results? How much does it cost?


The official IELTS site has some excellent information for both teachers and students, as does the British Council site.


Try to Know your students well!


some times it might be defficult to get familiar with your students before the first session and you may not have seen your prospective students ever.Therefore, you do not know so much about their backgrand Knowledge and their major of studing, their age, gender and so forth.

Have a precise time schedule


There are so many points to be covered in a good IELTS course, so make sure you have enough time to pack everything in. While your school might have its own natural rhythm, this might not fit with the dates of exams in your local IELTS center.So,find your local exam centre and get in touch to find out their exam dates and requirements.


Prepare your material

Whatever course you are holding, you will need to be perfectly familiar with the material you are using. With IELTS, this is even more crucial. As well as a coursebook, you might need to use extra material, such as practice tests (which you can find here) or  other IELTS online material.


Good Luck with your IELTS Teaching Journey


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