IELTS Speaking test in Ecuador on South America’s west coas on January in 2018

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IELTS Speaking Skype Class with Dr. Arian Karimi from Iran

IELTS Speaking test in Ecuador on South America’s west coas on January in 2018



IELTS Speaking test


IELTS Interview


– What is your full name?

– Can I see your ID?

– Where are you from?

– Do you work or study?

– What activities do people do on holidays in your country?

– Were the things you did on holidays as a child different from now? Why?


IELTS Cue Card


Talk about something you bought that made you happy. Please say


– What was it?

– What did you do with it?

– Why did it make you happy?


IELTS Discussion


– What kind of things do people like to buy?

– Why do people buy those things?

– When something breaks, do people prefer to buy a new item or to fix the old one?

– Why is that?


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