IELTS Speaking test in Vietnam – June 2018 - نمونه سوالات آیلتس ویتنام

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نمونه سوالات اسپیکینگ آیلتس ویتنام در سال 2018 - کلاس اسپیکینگ آیلتس دکتر آرین کریمی


IELTS Interview Preparation Class


Speaking with Confidence on IELTS


When my student took the IELTS Speaking test in Vietnam she was asked the following questions:


IELTS Interview Questions


– What is your full name?

– Can I see your ID?

– Where are you from?

– Do you work or study?

– What subject are you studying?

– Why do you study this subject?

– Do you like it?

– Do you think computers make our lives easier?

– How did our life change since computers appeared?

– Did you learn how to use the Internet at school?

– Do you think we use computers differently now compared to the past?

– Do you think we will use computers more in the future? Why?


IELTS Cue Card Topic


Describe a parent or a relative that you admire the most. Please say


– Who is he/she?

– How do you know him/her?

– What does he/she do differently to others?


IELTS Discussion Questions


– How did parenting change compared to the past?

– Please give some examples.

– How should kids be raised, in your opinion?

– Do you think parents are scared of raising their children?