General Training IELTS Examination administered in India on May 2017

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Four Listening Sections Main Topic


Section 1. Booking of movie tickets for a group of 21 people over the phone.

Section 2. Description of cycling route on the map.

Section 3. About facilities available in different locations at the cycle-race track.

Section 4. About wild boars in Australia: eating habits, preferences and how they cause damage to the local inhabitants.


The Title of Reading Passages


Passage 1. About the swimming instructor job, its responsibilities and selection criteria.

Passage 2. About different campsites and their locations in New Zealand.

Passage 3. About work culture in a company and the employees’ redundancy process.

Passage 4. About local libraries, their facilities and access requirements in New Zealand.

Passage 5. About ants’ survival including details about each member’s responsibility in the ant group.


General IELTS Writing Module


Writing Task 1 Topic


You have just moved to a new apartment. Write a letter to your friend and say

– Why did you move?

– Describe your new home.

– Invite him/her to your new place.


Writing Task 2 Topic


Some people believe that no homework should be given to children. Others, however, say that extra work is needed after school for children and teenagers in order to succeed. Discuss both the views and give your opinion includingreasons and relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.