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IELTS Course details: Dr.Karimi designed IELTS Course and Workshop assists international students with the IELTS skills,namely reading, writing and speaking which will be held online. Our online ielts course is the best sollution for increases your ielts band score in a short while. the course will be help in normally four weeks.

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Join Dr. Arian Karimi well-organized IELTS Course to Ace the IELTS

Grammar and Composition in our IELTS Course

IELTS Students learn the grammatical patterns and sentence construction used in academic writing and focus on improving sentence-level grammatical accuracy in the writing of coherent, well-developed paragraphs. On the top of that, Students learn how to write clear and well-developed multi-paragraph academic essays using various methods of organization through the process of planning, drafting, revising, editing and peer reviewing. Students also learn to work with sources. Grammatical structures relevant to the methods of organization are reviewed and practiced.

Reading and Vocabulary in the IELTS Course

Students develop vocabulary and reading strategies required to comprehend academic textbooks and literature in various fields of study.

 Oral Communication/ Speaking in our IELTS Course

This course emphasizes the development of fluency and intelligibility in spoken English. Through individual activities, students work on improving pronunciation, practicing conversation strategies and delivering oral presentations.

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Why is it essential to take an IELTS course?

There is lots of speculation around whether IELTS exam preparation is needed or not studying the materials is enough to get 7+ in the exam? In fact, ielts courses both online and face-to-face ones have a great impact on determined ielts students’ achievements who are eager to gain their goals passing the IELTS exams, joining an expert and competent ielts focused institute or a well-devised online IELTS course shed the light on your way and assist the applicants in the following ways:

  • Innovative ielts teaching practices

Tackling the IELTS exam wide variety of questions, basic English language proficiency is not enough and you should be able to answer 40 questions in the listening module of the ielts within approximately 30 minutes. Even writing down everything within the given time is highly desirable and owing to time limitation you have to be really confident and well prepared as ielts is a timed test. Our highly-qualified ielts teachers provide you with all the essential techniques you need to get your set ielts band score.

  • Constant practices in the best ever IELTS Course

Since all the things are evaluated according to just one go in the ielts exams, the applicants rarely get the time to revise their mistakes and errors. The more you practice the better ielts band score in every module of the IELTS test. Enrolling our IELTS courses will be given the opportunity to do some ielts mock tests online practice the latest test materials which makes you completely prepared to manage all kinds of tough situations and questions provided by the examiners over the real ielts test day.

  • Less time required for the preparation

Any one needs a comparatively longer ielts preparation time without a good IELTS coaching system. But with beneficial ielts lessons and well-experienced teachers, students are taught how to efficiently study for the IELTS. Moreover, you can simply have access to various ielts websites providing information on how to prepare for IELTS at home with some pointless data but these practices are inadequate without ielts experts’ treatments.

Now, this is subject to question: How to find the right professional help and an ielts crash course?

It is highly recommended to enroll in the best ielts course in a trustable ielts center, since your entire performance on the ielts exam date is relied on the training and preparation before your exams. There are some prominent ielts centers in Tehran providing online IELTS courses. However, you seem enough lucky reading this article and have got the chance to take in our incredible ielts intensive courses.

  • Our All-inclusive Ielts Coaching System

IELTS studying needs a quiet and calm atmosphere to learn complicated subjects without tension and at a fast pace in this regard we did our best to supply such a good environment for our students in our online and in person classes

  • Experienced Ielts Teachers

Ielts tutors of an ielts institute should be experienced in this genre and highly educated with a good command of the subject. Only then will the students be able to receive the right training and tactics to crack this test on the first go and I collected and trained the best ielts teachers for you.

  • Friendly guidance given over the IELTS Course

The students obviously have lots of questions and queries about the examination and the ways to tackle it. The ielts teacher should create a very friendly hub for the applicants who are already nervous about their exams.

  • English learning environment

It is particularly important for the students to be an academic context to be able to read, understand, converse, and speak English fluently like a native speaker.

  • Offline and online help during your IELTS Course

Our nice ielts teachers will not only provide offline tutorials and help to the student; they will also guide the students through excellent online IELTS classes. This IELTS preparation online in turn keeps them ready for the upcoming test.

Passing the IELTS is every ielts candidate’s dream moving to an English-speaking country for studying or immigration. But , not all students can get through the ielts at one go and waste their time and opportunities in this struggle. But if the same students get a little help from a great ielts teacher, it will surely open new horizons for them.

Benefits of IELTS preparation courses

Taking an exam is difficult enough, without having to worry about how many sections there are, how long it is, what the different question types will be, etc. Our IELTS preparation courses offer exposure to actual IELTS tasks and are all taught by qualified and experienced IELTS teachers. On each course:

  • get tips and strategies to help you in the exam
  • become familiar with the format of the exam
  • get the chance to do writing practice for both parts of the writing exam, and get feedback from the teacher
  • have the opportunity to practice all the different sections of the exam
  • learn useful vocabulary and grammar

While all these things happen in every IELTS preparation course, our advice is that you do more than one course (there is a series of 5 courses at each level – Lower IELTS and Upper IELTS) if you really need to improve your band score.

Simply completing one course will not necessarily get you a higher score – as a better score requires better language skills, which can only be acquired over time.

Our advice is that if you really want to get a better a score, you will need to do a number of courses. Lower IELTS students might also need to do more general English classes as well.

IELTS Advantage VIP Course

This course is great if you want the best IELTS result. You get one-on-one help, and it has lots of resources just for you and is perfect for IELTS success.

  • Best: More Band 7, 8, and 9 success stories than any other course.
  • Worst: Costs more than other courses.
  • Great for: Students who want personal help.

Why is it the best?

  • Comprehensive IELTS course: Learn everything you need from home.
  • Personalized feedback: Identify areas to improve with tailored guidance.
  • Expert guidance: Learn from the best teachers who know what ielts examiners want.
  • Proven success: The course has more Band 7, 8, and 9 success stories than any other.
  • Other benefits include a 100% risk-free, 24/7 help and support, full practice exams, unlimited writing practice, a Band 9 essay bank, and additional bonus courses.
  • The IELTS VIP course offers a convenient and effective way to achieve your desired IELTS score and move closer to your dreams.


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Dr. Arian Karimi IELTS group’s VIP Course is the best online IELTS preparation courses globally due to its comprehensive, proven, and personalized approach. By offering an all-inclusive, step-by-step curriculum that can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home, it caters to the unique needs of each student. With ielts experts guidance, personalized feedback, and an impressive track record of Band 7, 8, and 9 success stories, IELTS VIP provides students with the most effective tools and strategies to excel in the exam and achieve their dreams.