General Training IELTS Test Sample in India in September 2017

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IELTS Listening Test Sample


Section 1. A conversation with post office staff about sending a parcel.

Section 2. A discussion between a professor and students about their training.

Section 3. Don’t remember.

Section 4. A lecture about children and social environment.


IELTS Reading Test Sample


Passage 1. About bus stops and road signs related to that.

Questions: filling in blanks, match headings to paragraphs.


Passage 2. About employee absence form.

Passage 3. Some cartography related information, from ancient to modern maps.


IELTS Writing test Sample


Writing task 1 (a letter)


You are leaving a job and coming back to your hometown. Write a letter to your friend and say


– What is the reason for your leaving?

– What do you plan to do?

– Where and when will you meet your friend to discuss it?


Writing Task 2 (an essay)


Education system is introducing more academic subjects instead of exercises and sports. How will it impact the children? What can be done about it?